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Drawing Demonstrations
Draper Demonstration  Draper Demonstration  Draper Demonstration  Draper Demonstration
Painting Demonstrations soon
The Art League School is a non-accredited institution, open to all, that provides instruction to nearly 7,000 students annually. Courses are offered quarterly in virtually all of the fine arts, and a wide variety of crafts. I teach at the Art League year round. I have been an instructor at the Art League since graduating with my Masters in 1999. The classes I teach at the Art League School range from, Beginning Painting, Figure Painting, Basic Drawing, Figure Drawing, Mixed Media & Collage. Most classes are 9 weeks long. The files below are some of the hand-outs I have used over the years.


Painting - 9 Week Course
2014 Painting Syllabus
Black and White Project
Color Chart
Indirect Painting Project
Drapery Project
Extra info:
Brushes and Brush Care
Oil and Acrylic Mediums
Color/Pigment list - Lists opaque and transparent colors
Oil types and varnishes
Principals of Design
Elements of Art
Basic Drawing - 9 Week Course
2014 Drawing Syllabus
Measuring and proportions
Sketchbook (large file)
Figure Drawing - 9 Week Course
Schematic approach to the figure
Hand Project - Outside Project
Hand Anatomy
Artist example of hands
Foot Project - Outside Project
Figure Painting - 9 Week Course
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