Dreamtank - In Progress


  • 44" x 44"
  • Oil on Aluminum
  • Unframed

  • 18" x 24"
  • Oil on Aluminum
  • Unframed

Camping and Painting

Camping and painting. This is the underpainting for "Slipping Away". Done the summer of 2016


Quiet Depth in A Fading Light

  • 20" x 20"
  • Oil on Panel
  • Unframed
Reversed Her Hemispheres

  • 4" x 6'
  • Oil on Linen
  • Unframed

Inspired by Emily Dickinson: #378

I saw no Way — The Heavens were stitched —
I felt the Columns close —
The Earth reversed her Hemispheres —
I touched the Universe —

The focal areas of this painting all land within a cross formation. The vertical axis traces her strong and steady pose. Her piercing gaze at the viewer is intended to reflect this as well. Her breasts, hands and hair occupy the horizontal axis meant to illustrate that the body is an illusion. Her figure literally opens up into another form that is lying underneath. Her faces too are also a part of that same illusion. One with a strong frontal gaze and another that looks away, slightly concealed.