What to do when your art fails.*

Scott Hutchison's Drawing called Hold - He hates this piece.

 I have spent 20+ hours on a piece of art that frankly, needs to burn. What happened? This drawing is not in anyway what I intended it to be. It fails in so many ways. One: It is drawn sloppily. Two: It is Tacky. Three: It has a labored, overworked feel when you see it upon close inspection. Four: It poses to be more than it is, trying too hard to fit in.


Art League Classes

Art League Demonstration Thumbnail by Scott Hutchison

Scott Hutchison's year round teaching Schedule at the Art League is listed here. He teaches additional classes in the summer including figure drawing. You can see the full list of classes he teaches on this page.


Triptych - Figure Drawings

Scott Hutchison - Triptych- Graphite Figure Drawing Triptych

Though they are unfinished I thought I would post this triptych to document my progress.  My studio space is small and therefore they were composed and drawn separately. It is important that each image carries its own weight and works by itself, however these photos help me study their appearance as a group.


Community Canvas - Public Art Project at The Art League

Scott Hutchison Community Canvas Public Art Project at the Art League
The Art League asked me to come up with an interactive public art project to help commemorate their 60th Anniversary. It was a puzzle mural that anyone could take part in. In January 2014 anyone could walk into the gallery and work on a supplied puzzle piece and add it to the wall. These are photos of the piece being created. You can see there are drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. I have been told that the Community Cnvas will be reassembled later this year in a new location.


Release Form

Model Release form

By checking the box on the Scott Hutchison submission portrait form (here) you grant Scott Hutchison "The Artist"


The last pencil drawing in the Triptych series called "Displaced". This piece like the others continues with my investigation of the moving image.

“Shift” is a layered drawing depicting the artist in a submissive pose analogous to a string-puppet or marionette.  The drawing illustrates a “Shift” or acceptance to an unseen actor, force or idea.