he visual representation of movement and time's effect on the human form is vital to my work.  In my paintings and drawings I distort time by overlapping various moments together in one composition.



BFA Painting  Drake University, Des Moines IA, 1995
MFA Painting  George Washington University, Washington DC, 1999
(Morris Louis Fellowship : full funding for one academic year)



Portrait on glass. Click or swipe your hand across the image to see the "between" layers.

This painting is based on a series of digital scans of my face.
Hold - Unfinished
In many ways I see Blur as a fairly complex and honest self portrait. As I drew this animation I began to realize what it represents for me.

Drawing Marathon - The Art League

Scott Hutchison - Drawing Marathon Demo

As an instructor at the Art League I was invited to come to the event and do a free 2 hour drawing demonstration. I wish I had more documentation of the event and the process I used to draw this piece. The photos here are the results of the 2 hour pose.


. This drawing is based on a sequence of digital scans taken of my face.

Demonstration - Art League
One hour drawing demonstration at the Art League. This is from a constumed model.

14" x 20"
charcoal & conte
colored strathmore paper

This drawing is from a digitally manipulated and collaged scan of my face.