This drawing is from a digitally manipulated and collaged scan of my face.

Identity - Social Networking Self Portrait

The Proposal:  You have my name. Or am I just borrowing yours? You see our name or use Scott Hutchison on a daily basis. People you interact with, friends, family and acquaintances all understand our name to be YOURS.


Green and Red
This is a self-portrait I worked on during my summer Painting I course at Georgetown. There are two additional images on this page, exposing various unfinished stages of the painting. The idea behind the piece is simple. I wanted to strike a balance between the inherent properties of oil paint and my likeness. This piece was meant to reflect not just my visage, but also the density and buttery quality of oils.

  • Oil on Linen
  • 12" x 16"


My work has changed a lot over the years. The reason it has varied so greatly is due to the non-linear experiential way in which I learned this craft as well as a need to keep my work personally exciting.

Some artists work in the same style or approach to painting over decades. However, I need to tinker, experiment and get myself into trouble. It is as much about the discovery and the journey as it is the end result.


Portrait drawing with conte on black paper.

Scott Hutchison self portrait in white conte and charcoal.